How to pronounce “Bjarte” according to Bjarte himself.

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Because I’m a big dumb Bjarte fangirl with way too much time on her hands, I used Audacity to put 5 different recordings of ‘I Will Never Be a Star’ together in order to create the uLTIMAT E COnCErt EXpERIENCe!!1

clips used: (x), (x), (x), (x), (x)

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Bård Beatboxing on O-fag 2008. It is amazing. He really should try a career as a beatboxer. Just saying…

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“A teacher got really mad at me once because he thought I was making fun of a disabled boy, but actually I was just imitating a seal.” — Vegard Ylvisåker [x] (via fuckyeahylvis)

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Background: Vegard was a guest on the radio show P3morgen the morning of the S3 UNICEF special, and the hosts pointed out that while he and Bård had been on practically every major American talk show the past few months they had yet to be interviewed by Oprah. To make up for this they had decided to give Vegard “the Oprah experience” in the studio, and this is what followed.

(They speak a little bit of Norwegian at the beginning and at the end, but the “interview” itself is in English.)

The entire P3morgen interview (which is awesome, but in Norwegian) can be found HERE.

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Lol. #razizm 1986 (x)

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11 years later [x]

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